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Call us a “Happy Little” Ultimate Fan Adventure™!

Bob Ross Certified Painting Instructors Douglas Hallgren, Eddie Cuervo, and Jessie Mason CRI, and The Joy of Bob Ross: Happy Little Podcast®’s Sean Bush and Ron Scalzo are joining our Caribbean voyage!

The Joy of Painting is the most recognized, most watched TV art show in history because of one man: Bob Ross: the soft-spoken guy painting happy clouds, mountains and trees in twenty-six minutes, using big house painting-type brushes and cooing soothing “you-can-do-its” to his audience.

So, bring your creativity and a friend (like Peapod the squirrel?), because The Happy Little Bob Ross Crew will be bringing an ample supply of Bob Ross vibes, including genuine Ross-style painting classes, games, trivia, and swag, plus lots of podcast opportunities.

Remember — there are no mistakes, just happy accidents.

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