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Hosted By

Felicia Day

Guest Host


Warwick Davis

George Takei

Ernie Hudson

Mary McDonnell

Michael Trucco

Amy Jo Johnson

Raymond Lee

Scott Grimes

Greg Grunberg

Virginia Gardner

Grace Caroline Currey

Ted Lange


Robb Pearlman

Author / Industry Insider

Bob Bergen

The Voice of Porky Pig

Thomas Surprenant

Makeup Artist

Yaya Han

Cosplay Guest

Cowbutt Crunchies

Cosplay Guests


Comic-Con International

Bob Ross, Inc.

Artist Alley

Amanda Conner

Adam Hughes

Jimmy Palmiotti

Afua Richardson

Kip Rasmussen

Sarah Myer


The Action Figures

Featuring Scott Grimes, Greg Grunberg, and Amy Jo Johnson

Brian Wilk and Brad Heron

Dueling Piano Players

And more to be announced!