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A Floating Haven for Fans

A Floating Haven for Fans

“Life doesn’t give us purpose. We give life purpose.” – The Flash

The moment you step onboard Comic-Con: The Cruise, the pages of your favorite comic books and worlds of the popular arts will come to life! The ship is not just a vessel, but a portal to places where heroes and villains clash; where magic and science intertwine; and where friendships are forged as we sail to Cozumel, Mexico, amidst a sea of shared passions.

The experiences onboard this floating haven for fans will be nothing short of astonishing.

Imagine cosplayers, embodying characters both iconic and obscure, parading the decks, transforming the ship into a living, breathing canvas of creativity among the open sea! Daily themes serve as the backdrop for parties with dancing and DJs and other unique, immersive events that push the boundaries of traditional conventions.

Visionaries and legends of the world of the popular arts will take the stage performing one-of-a-kind entertainment, showcasing their hobbies and interests, that you can only see onboard Comic-Con: The Cruise.

This journey takes you on an unforgettable voyage in the Caribbean. Immerse yourself in the culture and natural beauty of Cozumel, Mexico. Then return to the ship for more fun and fandom. Plus, the ship is a destination of its own with more than a dozen bars, restaurants, clubs, lounges, a Vegas-style casino, luxurious spa, and an expansive pool deck to enjoy with fellow Comic-Con® fans. Every corner of the ship offers a new chapter in your unforgettable voyage.

With your cabin mere moments away, a quick costume change, a rejuvenating catnap, an escape from the buzz, or a refreshing shower to vanquish that cosplay-induced sweat are all within arm’s reach. Then, like a superhero’s rapid return to the fray, you can swiftly rejoin the heart-pounding action, primed and ready for adventure.

On Comic-Con: The Cruise, discover that the true purpose of life isn’t to merely exist but to immerse ourselves in the boundless sea of imagination, to connect with kindred spirits, and to embrace the narratives that inspire us.

You, the fans, are the architects of your own purpose, and on Comic-Con: The Cruise, you will craft memories that will live on forever!

Join us for The Ultimate Fan Experience in 2025!