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Get to Know Grace Caroline Currey!

Read this Q&A with Grace Caroline Currey! From discussing who she is most looking forward to meeting onboard, to what pop culture heroes and franchises she is looking forward to celebrating onboard Comic-Con: The Cruise, Grace answers these questions and many more!

What are you most looking forward to on Comic-Con: The Cruise?

Meeting fans and hearing what they’re up to on the cruise! Also getting to go on another adventure with my partner in crime Virginia Gardner.

Is there anyone in particular that you are looking forward to meeting onboard Comic-Con: The Cruise?

Felicia Day! I loved watching her work on Supernatural.

What do you think Shazam!’s Mary would say if she had the chance to come aboard Comic-Con: The Cruise?

“I’ve never been on a Cruise! It’s ok if I bring my organic chemistry book right?”

You and your Fall castmate, Virginia Gardner spent a lot of time together at the top of a tower. Luckily, you’ll have a lot more room to have fun together, and with fans, aboard the ship—what can folks look forward to experiencing with you two?

Lot’s of fun and scary on set stories! We’ve seen a lot of madness, that didn’t make it on the big screen in Fall.

Which pop culture heroes and franchises are you looking forward to celebrating with fans on Comic-Con: The Cruise?

If anyone brings up Batman, Indiana Jones, or Furiosa/Mad Max… I’ll be ready to fan girl away!

Unlike more traditional cons, cruises are a great way to meet new people. What do you like talking to fans about?

I love hearing what dreams they’re working on, or who they’re most excited to see at the con!