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How Comic-Con: The Cruise Differs From a Convention

Get ready for the adventure of a lifetime with Comic-Con: The Cruise! This extraordinary official event fuses the iconic Comic-Con® International experience with an unforgettable and uniquely fan-focused cruise adventure!

Here’s How:

How Comic-Con: The Cruise Differs From a Convention

Location and Setting

Comic-Con: Official events take place in one convention center and some offsite locations that overlook the ocean.

Comic-Con: The Cruise: All of the non-stop action takes place on the high seas and exciting Caribbean ports of call onboard Royal Caribbean’s luxurious Serenade of the Seas .


Comic-Con: Attendees can enjoy screenings, panel discussions, Q&As, autographs, and photo ops featuring favorite performers, authors, artists, and creators from fan-favorite films, shows, books, games, and franchises that occur in enormous halls or meeting rooms that end late in the evening.

Comic-Con: The Cruise: Guests enjoy all that PLUS nightly shows, themed parties, exclusive performances, meet-and-greets, games, book clubs, karaoke, and interactive, one-on-one, and meaningful experiences that take place from early morning to the wee hours of the night in all decks and corners of the ship that are staffed with a team dedicated to making sure you’re having a great time.

Mariner of the Seas

Accommodations and Dining

Comic-Con: Specific hotel accommodations at Comic-Con can be difficult to obtain but with Comic-Con: The Cruise there is no need to enter the lottery or otherwise sort out your own lodging, meals, and transportation to and from events. At Comic-Con: The Cruise all offsite parties are on-site, everyone is invited, and the party ends when the last person leaves.

Comic-Con: The Cruise: Guests are provided onboard accommodations (included in the price) that are just a hop, skip and jump away from all the action. Plus, there is a wide variety of all-you-can-eat dining options (most at no additional cost). Parties and events are included and are open all night long!


Comic-Con: The Cruise: Offers guests a relaxed and leisurely atmosphere where you can make new friends and savor convention-related thrills while luxuriating on a fantastic vacation. No need to worry about potential room limits or lines.


Comic-Con: The Cruise: Your reservation guarantees you access to all the nightly shows, panels, Q&A sessions, and more!

Join the Adventure

Comic-Con: The Cruise is the ultimate crossover of Comic-Con excitement and a cruise vacation. Don’t miss out on this epic, first-of-its-kind, fully authorized, fan-centric voyage! Interested in learning more? Click here and be part of this amazing adventure!