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We’re thrilled to blast off our first theme night announcement!

Comic-Con: The Cruise Celebrates Sci-Fi

From panels to games to exclusive performances and parties, Comic-Con: The Cruise’s lineup of events and experiences dedicated to the very special “space” sci-fi occupies in pop culture will give every sci-fi fan a reason to let their geek flag fly!

So, wear your best cosplay – or most fun t-shirt, and join sci-fi icons George Takei, Ernie Hudson, Mary McDonnell, Scott Grimes, Raymond Lee, and more as we party from the final frontier, through a galaxy far, to our home away from home here on Earth! 

So, move over, Enterprise, Millennium Falcon, and Battlestar Galactica! The Serenade of the Seas is the ship to be on in 2025!

A Full Day of Sci-Fi Events

Celebrating Sci-Fi in television panel with George Takei, Scott Grimes, and Raymond Lee

This panel unites George Takei, Scott Grimes, and Raymond Lee, iconic figures from beloved sci-fi shows. With decades of experience, they share insights into the genre and offer behind-the-scenes anecdotes. From Takei’s Sulu in Star Trek to Grimes’ Gordon Malloy in The Orville and Lee’s Dr. Song in Quantum Leap, they illuminate the magic of bringing futuristic worlds to life.

Ghostbusters Galore!

  • Ernie Hudson Panel
    • Famed for his portrayal of Winston Zeddemore in “Ghostbusters,” Ernie Hudson shares captivating behind-the-scenes stories from his career.
  • Special Ghostbuster Screening
    • Enjoy a special screening of Ghostbusters! Perhaps a special guest might make an appearance?
  • Ghostbuster Cosplay Meet Up
    • Come together for an epic Ghostbusters cosplay meet up, decked out in proton packs and jumpsuits.

Battlestar Galactica panel with Mary McDonnell and Michael Trucco

Are you one of the thousands of guests looking for a home? Then start your voyage with this exclusive reunion!  Mary McDonnell (President Laura Roslin) and Michael Trucco (Sam “Longshot” Anders) are reuniting to share fun behind-the-scenes stories, Cylon secrets, and maybe some pointers on how to use an airlock!

Building an Alien with Robb Pearlman

Unleash your creativity at the Building an Alien event, hosted by Robb Pearlman. With sketchbooks in hand and imaginations set to warp speed, channel your inner artist and create your best version of an alien.

Sci-Fi Trivia Sessions

Do you know the difference between Arrakis, Andoria, and Alderaan? Of course you do—but do you know more about them than your fellow guests? These fun, fast-paced, events will challenge your knowledge about people, planets, and tech from across everyone’s favorite fictional universes.

Sci-Fi Karaoke party

Whether you’re a seasoned cosplayer, a die-hard sci-fi fan, or simply looking to unleash your inner superstar, the Sci-Fi Karaoke Party is the place to be. So grab your lightsaber, tune up your sonic screwdriver, and get ready to sing your heart out!

Big Screen Overdub with Felicia Day

Join Felicia Day and friends as they watch – and riff on – a B-Movie! This completely improvised live event will have you experiencing a fan-favorite cult classic as never before.

Celebrate Sci-Fi

Fans of every genre of pop culture will find something amazing aboard Comic-Con: The Cruise. Engage your comlink and jump over here for more info!